Play'N Go release another Halloween slot, Rage to Riches

Posted on 27 Oct 2015 09:27

Play'N Go have news of another Halloween release today, following their recent slot Happy Halloween.

Play'N Go are releasing Rage to Riches, which you can expect to see on Mr Green very soon.

The press release is as follows:

Several aggressive monsters are on the loose, and they are headed to a city near you in our new Rage to Riches slot game! Try to remain calm if you should encounter one of the beasts along a payline. Note that these monsters should be approached with extreme caution as their behaviour is highly unpredictable. I repeat, this is not a Happy Halloween prank. (That was our previous release, which proved to be highly successful by the way.) Hope for the best and prepare for the rage!

Claw Your Way to Success

If you are a monster for money and need a good reason to vent some pent-up anger, look no further than Rage to Riches, the arcade-style slot from Play’n GO that invites you to wreak havoc on the town!  Symbols of malicious monsters and their unsuspecting victims rain down from above to fill the game's five vertical columns. When prize-winning combos appear along any of the 20 fixed lines, the symbols that comprise them explode away to be replaced by new symbols that drop to potentially comprise new winning combos. Each time new symbols drop, the factor that multiplies every payout in the round increases! The glistening gold wild symbol gives you the chance to win even more in every round.  Each time you don't win, the level rises on your Rage Meter. Watch an infuriated monster attack the game on your behalf when the rage becomes too great!

Look for at least three blow-drying beauties anywhere on screen to win a sequence of ten free spins, on which the factor that multiplies your payout is doubled! Collect five straights by combining scattered playing-card symbols to play the "Bust the Building" bonus round. Choose your favourite beast and destroy up to five selected skyscrapers to win their former property values as you dodge the citizens' bombs and bullets!