Monopoly Once Around Deluxe

Board Game, Monopoly 5 Reels 15 Paylines Balanced Volatility


A smash hit in Vegas, now Williams has released Monopoly Once Around Deluxe as a video slot!

Let's play Monopoly!

Williams Interactive have done a fine job with the Monopoly franchise thus far, notably with the outstanding video slot Super Monopoly Money.

The games developer capped 2015 with a bang, releasing the popular land-based slot Monopoly Once Around Deluxe, as a video slot.

The 5-reel slot comes with 15 paylines and plays out like a conventional video slot. The base game features fairly frequent wins, but for us this slot is all about the bonus game - get three of more of the Monopoly Man Bonus symbols (with the dice) to trigger the bonus game.

Once the bonus game is triggered, pick your Monopoly piece to chase around the board with, and have a wager on the side through the purchase of houses - how lucky are you feeling? You accumulate riches by then landing on properties, chances and community chests - the good news is you don't lose it all when you land on super tax or jail! 

Collect rent and feel like a wealthy landlord - then you want to land on Go, either with a precise roll, or by drawing a card that advances you to Go - this then triggers the Twice Around Bonus where all winnings are then doubled.

Monopoly Once Around Deluxe was worth the wait and we love the relaxed base game coupled with the highly volatile bonus games. Moreover, the bonus games are actually reasonably easy to trigger!



At a Glance
  • 5 Reels, 15 Paylines
  • Balanced Volatility
  • Medium Paced Game
  • Min Bet: 0.15, Max Bet: 75
  • Game requires Flash
  • Free Spins

Bonus Mode

Bonus Round

If you get three or more bonus symbols on your active paylines, it’s time to start the bonus round. This is where you have the chance to achieve jackpots far beyond the norm. Choose one of the classic Monopoly counters and decide whether you want to initiate a side bet with the ‘Buy Houses Now!’ button.

Here you’ll have three dice rolls to move around the Monopoly board. If you land on a square with one of the properties you placed as part of your side bet, you’ll get an even bigger bonus instantly returned to your account balance.

Side Bets

If you really want to win big, you have to partake in the side bets available. You can only place a side bet if you start the bonus round. Press the ‘Buy Houses Now!’ button to get started with this round. Begin putting properties on the board on any square other than the utility squares.

How many properties you can place and how much it will cost depends on your initial bet and how much the property is worth based on the value given by the deed card.

Place as many as five properties on a single square to create a hotel.

Alternatively, select the side bet where you can place one house or hotel on every square on the board. This is costly, but it also means you could win a lot of money in a short space of time if you hit the right ones.

Once you hit a property, pick one of five rent cheques. This will amplify your winnings up to x180 your initial bet.

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Slot Options
  • AutoplayN
  • Bonus ModeY
  • Bonus SymbolY
  • Bonus InteractiveY
  • Free SpinsN
  • Gamble FeatureY
  • HDY
  • MobileY
  • Multiplier SymbolN
  • MusicY
  • ProgressiveN
  • Scatter SymbolY
  • Wild SymbolY
  • 3DN
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